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Adobe Commerce 2.4.6

If you use Adobe Commerce, you're probably aware of how scalable and versatile it is. It enables multinational companies to swiftly incorporate new technologies and engage customers at every touchpoint thanks to its modular core and headless features.

In the March update there were such aspects as improved performance and overall platform quality (more than 300 quality fixes and enhancements).

Main enhancements:

  • Now Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 supports PHP 8.2 (8.1 remains fully supported) and PHP 7.4 has been removed.
  • Improved performance for operations affecting many customer segments.
  • Improved import performance (csv REST API endpoint)
  • Improved High-throughput order processing
  • The Purchase Orders for Companies feature is now fully exposed by the GraphQL API.
  • Improved response time when querying categories with category permissions enabled via GraphQL
  • Optimized performance of category tree rendering on GraphQL
  • Reduced bulk cart operations query response times on GraphQL
  • B2B v1.3.4

Here you can find more information about the released update:

Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 Release Notes

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