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Magento Maintenance and SLA

Mygento provides support and maintenance services for Magento to businesses wishing to increase the safety and effectiveness of their Magento stores.

The beginning of our journey with you starts when a project goes online. As your eyes and ears throughout your digital infrastructure, we are there to provide you with 24/7/365 response.

We will perform as your exclusive point of contact for all things digital. Ready to share strategic measures and detect possible dangers before problems develop. Providing SLAs for response time that you can rely on.

By choosing Mygento as your Magento support and maintenance services provider, you can be confident that all vital indications are closely monitored and that problems are resolved quickly. Our Magento development company supports maintaining effective online shops.

Work with a Team of eCommerce Experts:

  • A Dedicated Project Manager;
  • Technical Leads;
  • Solution Architects;
  • Software Engineers;
  • Creative UX / UI Designers;

With Mygento Support Team, Forget About Downtime

Don't wait for issues to occur; take steps to avoid them. By contacting us, you'll have access to our team's Magento knowledge base and be able to put most problems behind you.


  • Dedicated Teams
  • Custom Software Development
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Break/Fix Support
  • Security & Compliance
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Infrastructure Audits And Support
  • Devops

Magento Support Services In Detail

Mygento's prompt Magento website support will assist in resolving technical difficulties, preventing serious problems, and ultimately delivering a flawless user experience to visitors to your online business.

Bug finding and bug fixing

To have your website carefully reviewed, use our Magento support services. We'll assist in finding current and prospective issues as well as third-party code deviations to make sure your online business runs without a hitch. A reliable and efficient website will help you grow your business. Avoid problems with website performance or accessibility.

Urgent Magento assistance

To address the effects of malware threats, server technical issues, and traffic problems, our Magento corporate support team offers any urgent Magento maintenance and support assistance.

Patch updates for Magento's security

Mygento offers a comprehensive Magento security assessment and security patch upgrades as part of its Magento 2 service. In order to completely protect your web store, we use this to help handle performance problems and bugs.

We protect your website from hacker attacks like script injections and DDOS. You may rest easy knowing that both your online business and your clients' data are secure.

Magento performance improvement

Businesses who partner with us make an investment in their websites. We assist with audience retention and optimization. We offer front-end and back-end website performance optimization as part of our Magento support and guarantee a positive customer experience.

Performance evaluation

Our Magento support services include monitoring your website's performance and crucial customer experience elements. In order to identify the weak areas and address them quickly, we provide Magento administration services and an analysis of the navigation patterns, checkout, and payment processes.

Magento Platform Upgrades

Your e-commerce website will be updated to the most recent Magento version with the assistance of our Magento maintenance service team. If you're planning to switch your online store over to Magento 2, Mygento can help you with the process.

24/7/365 support for Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento, including SLA support)

Since we realize that e-commerce never stops, we are available around-the-clock, every day of the year. Our technical support for Magento is flexible, responsive, and proactive. When you get in touch with us over the phone or online, our technical support team will work relentlessly and openly on urgent complaints until problems are fixed. Our customers have come to rely on it over the years, which is why so many of them decide to stick with us for so long.

Comprehensive Service Level Agreements

The degree of service you anticipate from suppliers is specified in a service level agreement (SLA). In case the agreed-upon service level is not fulfilled, it outlines the metrics used to measure the service as well as the appropriate remedies or penalties. A comprehensive and understandable service level agreement is an essential part of contracts with technology vendors.

The following are just a few examples of what may be included in a service level agreement:

Availability And Uptime

The period of time a client can use the services is known as uptime, and it is frequently recorded and reported either monthly or per payment cycle.

Specific Performance Benchmarks

Performance is measured against these standards throughout time.

Reaction Time

The period of time it takes a service provider to answer a request.

Response Time

This is the amount of time it takes for the service provider to address complaints and requests once the provider logs them.

Business Results

Here, particular KPIs may be used to track and gauge the contribution of the service provider to company success.

Error Rate

This measure keeps track of the percentage of errors, such as code mistakes or late submissions.

First-Call Resolution

This is the proportion of incoming calls that are successfully handled without requiring a callback from the support desk.

Average Time To Recovery

How long it takes for a service to recover after being down.

Service Time Factor

The proportion of customer service calls that were answered in a specific time frame.

Response Time

How long it takes the service provider to fix a problem after receiving it.

With Mygento, you can always be ready to handle the ups and downs of e-commerce. We have a track record of successfully maintaining e-commerce websites year after year, making sure that everything continues to run smoothly throughout busy online shopping seasons like the holidays and Black Friday.